Mumbai, an important metropolis and the financial capital of India, is a logical start to your perambulations. There are marvellous shopping arcades, fine restaurants and art galleries. 'The Gateway of India', built in 1911 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to the Delhi Durbar, is a major landmark as also the imposing Taj Mahal Hotel close by. The Prince of Wales Museum, the Jehangir Art Gallery, the various churches, temples and shrines are worth a glimpse.

Take a boat ride out to the Elephanta Island to see the marvellous rock-cut caves noted for their huge sculpted panels. Other interesting destinations close by include - the Kanheri caves, the beach resorts at Madh Island, Manori and the charming little hill station of Matheran, all within easy reach.

Pune, another exciting town located on the Deccan Plateau. Once the capital of Shivaji, the great Maratha ruler, has splendid forts up on the fastness of hill tops well worth seeing. Aurangabad, a historic city with various monuments from the time of the Mughals, is a good base for visits to the magnificent ‘Ajanta and Ellora’ caves, dating from about 200 BC to 800 AD. Many of these rock-cut caves are embellished with exquisite paintings and carvings.

Goa is a fabulous getaway with its beautiful beaches. Picturesque villages along the coast with white washed churches and red tiled houses set amidst groves of coconut add charm to the old Portugese settlement.

The state of Gujarat also offers interesting destinations. The ancient port of 'Lothal' built about 4000 years ago. Ahmedabad, with its fine old residences, msuseums and Mahatma Gandhi's Sabarmati Ashram. Vadodara, a centre for the arts and once the royal capital of Gujarat; Palitana - an entire hill top encrusted in finely carved temples; Somnath with its old temple and the picturesque little island retreat of Diu close to the beach resort of Ahmedpur Mandvi.

Gujarat Tour

16 days tour takes you through Delhi/ Mumbai( 2nights)- Ahmedabad( 2 nights)- Dasada/ Rann of Kactch (1 night)- Bhuj(2 nights)- Lothal/ Sayla( 1 night)-Gondal( 1 night)- Gir National Park( 2 nights)- Diu( 1 night)- Bhavnagar( 2 nights)- Mumbai/ Delhi( 1 night).


A heritage walk and visit to a Textile Museum in Ahmedabad, Jeep Safari at Rann of Katch to see Asiatic Wild Ass, visit to a tribal village near Bhuj, See an excavated old port near Lothal, jeep safari at Gir to see Asiatic Lions, visit Jain Temple Complex at Palitana.

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Rajasthan - Gujarat Tour

18 days tour covers Delhi( 2 nights)- Agra( 1 night)- Jaipur( 2 nights)- Udaipur( 2 nights)- Mount Abu( 1 night)- Ahmedabad( 2 nights)- Bhuj( 2nights)- Gir( 2 nights)- Bhavnagar( 2 nights)- Mumbai(2 nights).


Visit Red Fort & Jama Masjid in Delhi, a short walk in the alleys of Old Delhi, visit of Red Fort and Taj Mahal in Agra, Jeep ride at Amber fort in Jaipur, visit the City palace and a sunset cruise on lake Pichola in Udaipur, visit Dilwara temples at Mount Abu, See the textile Museum and old city walk at Ahmedabad, visit to a tribal village near Bhuj, jeep safari at Gir to see Asiatic Lions, Jain temple complex at Palitana and see Gothic building at Mumbai.

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Gujarat/ Madhya Pradesh

16 days tour takes you through Mumbai(2 nights)- Aurangabad( 2 nights)- Ahmedabad( 2 nights)- Indore( 1night)- Bhopal( 2 nights)- Orcha( 1 night)- Khajuraho( 2 nights)- Agra( 1 night)- Delhi( 2 nights).


A slum tour in Mumbai, visit Ajanta and Ellora caves in Aurangabad, See the textile Museum and old city walk at Ahmedabad, visit Ujjain temples near Indore, Visit to ancient Bhimbetka and Sanch Stupa near Bhopal, Sound & Light show at Orcha Fort, visit erotic art temples of Khajuraho, visit to Taj mahal and Agra Fort at Agra, Visit Red Fort and Jama Masjid and take a short walk in Old Delhi alleys.

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Gujarat/ Goa

15 days tour takes you across Mumbai( 2nights)- Ahmedabad( 2 nights)- Bhuj( 2 nights)- Lothal/ Sayla( 1 night)- Bhavnagar( 2 nights)- Mumbai/Pune( 2nights)- Goa( 2 nights)- Mumbai.


Slum tour and visit to Gothic buildings in Mumbai, See the textile Museum and old city walk at Ahmedabad, Visit an excavated port at Lothal, Jain temple complex at Palitana near Bhavnagar, a Museum at Pune and Old Goa Churches in Goa.

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Goa Church
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