Special Interest Tours are prompted by the craving to pursue a specific interest, hobby or activity than to just be a mere traveller. Be it cultural and heritage interest such as culinary trips, Trans Himalayan jeep safari, camel & horse safaris, outdoor civilization trips like golf, trips specially designed for ladies, educational interests like teacher/student exchange groups, or medical tourism, we cater to all.

We understand that planning a special interest tour requires a lot of hard work, professionalism and imagination. However, our experience in Indian Subcontinent is unparalleled in managing any special interest tours.

We have associates, who understand the difference between a special interest group and mass tourism. Working together we are in a position to offer innovative trips designed to suit special interest groups. To offer special interests group a unique way of enjoying their pursuits, our team at Avatar India Holidays chooses a destination and recrafts a journey, creating a notable experience.

Jeep safari in Himalayas